Monday, September 27, 2010

High on vintage fabric :D!

I have discovered the amazingly seductive, beautifulistic, fab-fantastic, breath taking, delirious (Wikipedia: Delirium - acute confusional state) developing and just absolutely adorable world of vintage bed sheets and fabrics. Oh mY gOd!

Photo: Sweet Jessie.
I just can't get enough of it. It is like having sweets and when you have the sweet bowl in front of you, you just can't stop eating out of it. Not even when you are starting to feel sick of all the sweetness. You just continue and continue and continue...

Well, I guess I did discover it some time ago over at Rosehip (who by far is one of my greatest sources of inspiration), but I didn't really know where to search for more information on where to find the typical vintage styled fabric.

But then one day I just accidentally bumped in to a community of vintage sheet recycling people in the blog world and Flickr and one click just led to another goody bag of pleasure.

More, more, more - give me more!

Photos: Pins & Thimbles.

And I have found some BeAUtiFuL vintage fabric on ETSY and I am buying some. Because I want some vintage fabric in my life. I want a lot!

Photo: Craftyblossom.

I've never seen anything more beautiful and happy. I am just luuuuuuuuuving this. High on vintage fabric... oh my, I will never fall asleep tonight...


PS I have found these pictures a bit here and there in the blog world. And right now in all the excitement I am not sure where, but I'll do my best to update later with links to photos owners.


  1. How sweet and funny!!! So nice to see someone excited and happy...and full of sweets!!! Look forward to seeing all the treasures you make and if I come across a hidden treasure I will be sure to pass it along!!!!

  2. Åh,vilka härliga bilder. Jag som är inne på att sy kläder just nu, du kommer lura tillbaka mig till lapptäcken ;-) Jag har slutat gå in och kolla på lapptäckstyger bara för att inte ryckas med, det finns ju så mycket vackert.

  3. Such beautiful fabric full of inspiration.


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