Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ikea Pello Quilt - VOILA!

Last night I finished my first quilt. I am so proud, so happy and so pleased with my very own, handmade quilt.

This pile of Nostalgia charm squares...

... has turned in to this beautiful quilt.

It measures 180 cm x 60 cm/70" x 24"

I used 64 charm squares (12.5 cm/5" squares)

The fabric is a mix of 30 different Nostalgia prints bought from I quilted it with straight lines parallel with the patchwork seams.
I decided to back the quilt with navy blue fleece fabric as this is for the Ikea chair Pello. The fleece helps it to stay on the chair instead of gliding off. I used basting spray to put all the quilt layers together. It was REALLY convinient and straight forward I must say. A bit expensive maybe but I hope my spray bottle will last a while.

The greatest challange was the binding (as I expected) but I did really well I have to say. At least on the front side. I attached the binding on the backside and folded it over to the front and then I machine sew it as close to the edge as I could on the front side. A lot of concentration involved in this part of teh work...

The back shows a great amount of flaws, wiggly stitches like a serpentine road but who looks at the back? I will probably try a different way of doing this next time though. Any tips on other ways of doing this without having to hand stitch the binding?

And the ugly Ikea Pello chair has now turned into a beauty. And Charlie stayed on top of my quilt all night and even had a big sleep in. He didn't move until about 10 am (he nromally rushes out for a pee when I get up at 6 am). That most be a sign that this quilt already is loved.
And look at this. Yes! The Doctor has said that 10 minutes of crochet a day now is allowed. I am back together with my hook. Yeeeeahhhhyyy! I haven't touched my crochet hook in 7 weeks!!! And this vintage baby blanket will soon be ready for the baby who now is almost 2 months old. I am sure he will love this blanket the day it is ready to be his.



  1. Quilt looks great! The backs of my quilts also have wiggly wobbly sewing but I don't care. I think handmade looks better with a few imperfections! :)

  2. Underbart vackert! Blir nästan sugen på att sy något lappigt jag också... Och vad roligt att du kan virka lite igen! Gläds med dig.

  3. Love your Quilt, the colours are great and it makes your chair so pretty :0)
    Jacquie x

  4. Bienvenue pour ton retour au pays du crochet Annette ! 7 semaines sans crochet, dur dur ...
    Ton patchwork est très beau et tu me donnes une idée pour un plaid que je dois faire pour deux nouveaux fauteuils : au crochet, un plaid tout en longueur. Merci !
    Attention aux 10 mn par jour ... ;+)

  5. WOW....what a beautiful thing you made!! It is your first??!!! You are right to be proud of it. So much patience and care paid off and the fact that the cat slept on it.....that is a big shiny gold star and an A++!! It's a shame the crochet has to matches so well with the quilt!!
    What a happy post Annette!!! :) :) :)

  6. OOOh your quilt is sooo beautiful ! I love the squares u used! I wish I know how to quilt:(
    Ur crochet blanket is gorgeous too!

  7. Så jättefint det blev! Tyvärr har jag inga tips på kantningen, men det finns säkert någon tutorial på nätet. Jag gör det enkelt för mig och har rutor ända ut i kanten eller så gör jag en ram av tyg som jag vändsyr. Vilken fin filt du gör, måste vara härligt att få virka igen.

  8. Congrats on your first beautiful quilt! And of course I am very happy for you the doctor allowed you to crochet again.

  9. Oh, you did a wonderful job and don't overdo the crochet.

  10. You have done a beautiful job - well done!!!
    Glad to see the hooks and yarn are now allowed out to play ☺

  11. You did a very nice job on your first quilt, much better than my first one was, many years ago. Really like all the patterns in the cloth. I always do my binding like you did, sew it on the back first then fold it over to the front and sew it down. Love your kitty too, I have 2 of my own. Come visit my blog if you get a chance.

  12. Du fár inte göra sá fina lapptä blir jag ju sá otroligt stressad......:)
    Först undrade jag varför den var sá smal. Tyckte att din ide var fantastisk. IKEA stolen blev underbart orginell, egen och jäkligt snygg!!
    Antar att du har fler lapp-projekt pá G?
    Grattis till att du har fátt börja virka igen, ta det lugnt bara.

  13. Hello Annette!
    I had to tell you how much I love your quilt - I admire anyone who can make them as it is a long standing dream of mine to one day try and make one of my own! I love the patterns on your squares too, they all work so beautifully together! Needless to say, the crochet is stunning, I love your colour choices and feel there is a very happy little babe awaiting this woolly treat!! (lucky baby :)

    Thanks for coming to visit my blog, see you again soon!

    Love Julia x x x

  14. Halloj, du har en award att hämta hos mig!


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