Thursday, October 28, 2010

Apple Blossom & Sunshine doll quilt and Nelly now 9!

VOILA! Finished. This doll quilt will be put in the mail today for my cute niece Maya who is turning two. Her birthday is all about dolls and I am hoping this one will be a favorite of hers. It is for sure my favorite so far!

The blanket is made of 64 2,5 inch squares, mainly vintage sheets with the green polka dot addition from my local fabric store (who is crazy expensive I am telling you, this Tilda green polka dot was 33 dollars a meter! YES!)

I am calling this doll quilt My Apple Blossom & Sunshine doll quilt. It makes me extremely happy.

The pillow is made by my daughter Nelly, with some help from me standing next to her by the sewing machine guiding her "Go slow, go slow - WATCH YOUR FINGERS - go slow..."

I decided to put some lace on the blanket in the last minute and I am just loving the way it turned out.

I quilted it with squares and a cross and got a great star effect that shows really nice at the back.

And of course the Dodo test... Yes, the butterfly Dodo loves My Apple Blossom % Sunshine doll quilt.

And of course, My little big girl Nelly turned 9 yesterday. My dear little fashion model. So cute. And getting so big... Time flies. The children are a reminder of that big time. We had a lovely day yesterday and Nelly said it was "The best day ever". I think we got it right with gifts, movie, cake, lots of love and attention and entertainment...



  1. Very pretty! Your daughter did a great job on the pillow. I really like it.

  2. Oh la la ! Quel joli travail ! Encore une poupée qui va bien dormir.
    Je ne suis pas aussi perfectionniste que toi, et le résultat est un peu plus folk côté patchwork.
    Bon anniversaire à cette charmante demoiselle, bientôt une vraie jeune fille ... le temps passe de plus en plus vite, et c'est aussi un régal de le regarder passer aussi joliment.

  3. wonderful post, lovely pictures and great results! And Nelly does look like a real model there...!

  4. Härligt med födelsedag. Och täcket blev jättefint! Och jag älskar kudden, den är ju hur söt som helst!

  5. Whoa Nelly! Happy Birthday and what a fantastic job on the pillow!


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