Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Sweet Red Doll Quilt

I started on another doll quilt a couple of weeks ago. This time made from some of my collected vintage sheets, spiced up with some pink dots on red from Kaffe Fassett.

I got distracted by a wonderful visit from a childhood friend and also the return of the tendonitis in my elbow (triggered by a few days of "10 minutes a day of crochet"... Big sigh...). I focused on my friend and I left the quilt (and the arm) to rest for a while. But now it is finished. And Mr Rabbit loves it.

And I love it. I wish I had made a pillowcase of it so I could cuddle up with it in the sofa every night.

I backed it with pink and white striped bed sheet fabric. And quilted it with diagonal seams.
I still find it terribly difficult with the binding... and the seams on this one is kind of all over the place (but luckily you can't see it in this picture).

I have discovered that ironing is crucial when making a quilt. It is super extremely important and makes the work involved so much easier. And this quilt, made from 2,5 inch squares was actually a bit of a challange for a beginner like me. It is clearly easier with larger squares.

I do also struggle with finding the right batting for small projects like doll quilts. They get to stiff for my taste. I might just try and do this quilt again but without the batting and just with a piece of fabric in between instead.

Anyway, I love this one. The colours makes me heart skippy happy with big smiles from ear to ear. My Sweet Red Doll Quilt.



  1. Its very very pretty!!!Absolutely loved it!!The polka dot fabric adds so much to the look. I really want to try my hand in quilting.

  2. Helt underbart litet täcke. Kanske om man fodrar med fleece att det blir mjukare? Jag har inte själv testat. Jag gillar kantningen med det prickiga tyget, det blev en kul effekt. Otroligt vackra tyger du har valt. Synd att armbågen ska krångla, hoppas den blir bättre.

  3. It looks lovely! Quilting, as with a lot of things in life, is a practice makes perfect thing. When I am quilting I find the binding the worst part for me too - I always get a little bit wrong or my corner isn't quite as good as it could be but it doesn't matter one bit because it's handmade! Plus I try and remember what I did wrong so I don't do it the next time but I always forget and do it again!!

    Oh and by the way I think I would have punched your little girls' teacher if I had heard her say that about her painting. What a way to stifle a little girl's creativity?! It's this sort of thing that leads people to believe that they can't create - we all can and no one should be able to have the right to tell us otherwise. :)

  4. I love it! Red is my favorite color. =) I agree with ironing and with STEAM. When I make little quilts I often use a layer of flannel as the "batting." It helps with that stiffish problem immensely!


  5. Ser att du har fátt upp farten. Hur gulligt som helst. Prickig kant blev "pricken över i".
    Det är ju ocksá väldigt bra att du prövar dej fram och ger tips sá att jag har allt det där klart när jag ska sy mitt täcke:)

  6. PS Kollade in din Quilting bloglist och man blir ju minst sagt salig............

  7. Just beautiful. You do such great work.


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