Monday, November 15, 2010

Waiting for a parcel...

This bundle is on its way over the Atlantic ocean to my place.  Anna Maria Horner's Anthology Fabrics Folk Life Summer Sunset and Country Picnic. Now sold out. I guess I was lucky. Can't wait to touch it!



  1. Wauw Annettte, this looks promising! Thank you for commenting so generously on creJJtion, really appreciate that ;-). Funny you named my creations 'folkart', I didn't know that word/ style and will search the web for it.

    Yes I love your quiltwork! Your blog is one of the first ones I ever saw and was therefore one of the reasons I started my own {smile} so I have been your follower ever since, hihi.
    Enjoy your week, love Maaike

  2. Oh wow! What absolutely gorgeous fabrics! Enjoy! :)

    Love these fabrics, they're stunning!

  4. Hi Annette, your comments make me smile :-). The porcelain is painted with a special procelain-pen. Actually I haven't put them in the oven yet to fix the paint... so also no dishwasher experiences yet. I will keep you posted about it!

  5. Ow and Annette: the only colour I used is dark blue. There should be more colours available, but since the pencils were a gift I am not exactly sure.

  6. Hey Annette, how exciting you bought the pencils! How are the first results?! My cups and plates just came out of the oven and still look the same... now let's wait until we start using them.


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