Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gypsy blanket WiP - 117 squares...

First of all welcome to all new followers. I am so flattered and excited to have you here watching every step I take in my blog life. And I am overly excited about finding new fantastic places to visit and my blog roll is growing in quite a speed I have to say.

Today I thought I would share my Gypsy Blanket WiP that I actually started many many months ago. Many of you oldies goldies may remember that I tragically got struck with a tendinitis problem in my elbow and this project was put to rest (as everything else crochet) for quite some time.

To much hooking and a computer based job did some serious damage to my tendons and I am still not 100% cured. So slow down dear crochet friends. You don't want to end up where I am...

Blog world can sometime turn into a marathon of crochet, almost a competition of how fast and how much we accomplish in this and that time. So many things we want to make, so addictive this hobby. But yes, just take care of yourselves. :D

After months of physio therapy, rest and medical treatment my arm is  back in the game with Mr Hook and I have been hooking away happily in front of the TV in the evenings. In January I had made 67 squares, check it out here.

I am now up to 117 squares! :D Still got probably as much to go but boy do I love this project. And I am in no hurry. This is going to be my very special blanket for life I think. And to create something precious like that, I would say have to take some joyful hooking time.

Every now and then I will update you on this WiP as it grows bigger and bigger. I really hope you will enjoy the ride as much as I do. Even though it might take still many months before we reach the finish line.



  1. Beautiful blog.....
    I'm gonna follow you...

    Greetings from Belgium

  2. Beautiful!!! Like a summer garden in bloom! xx

  3. Wow, it's just gorgeous! What a happy blankie :)

  4. Så härliga färger. Jag förstår att din blogg är populär, det är så spännande att få följa din äventyr i tyg- och garnskapandet. Då räknas jag som en oldies då....Jag insåg idag att jag har bloggat i 1 år, vart har tiden tagit vägen?

    Ha det bra!

  5. So glad to see that you are still making this blanket as I loved it the first time I saw it (my MOST favourite is your Shell Stitch blanket though - I LoVE LoVe LoVe that one to bits!!!)

    You just please make sure you look after yourself and don't injure yourself again :) And I completely agree with your sentiments about the whole competitive side of blogland crochet lately (but we've talked about this before haven't we so I won't ramble on again!) Where's the fun in rushing through everything?!

  6. Wow! what a great job! It's beautiful!
    greetings from Holland ! Joke

  7. It is a lovely project, so full of colour. I am more of a knitter, but this is so nice that I might try my hand ad it. Well done!

  8. Hi Annette, just found your blog - love it! Your blanket is beautiful. All those colours have such a happy feel :)

  9. Wow, this is an amazing blanket you are working on! You are very right to take your time. And the CK bag you carry the yarn in is soooo pretty!! Oh and I am of course extremely excited for your give-away!
    Love, Maaike

  10. Thank you for caring about all of us out here! I have noticed how many people there are on Ravelry who have wrist problems, many of whom have to give up their hobby altogether for a while. It sounds really painful and you know you are so right - there are so many bloggers galloping along making super-human efforts which is lovely to see the results of but so harmful ultimately! Your blanket is gorgeous and is the type of thing to give you many hours of pleasure in the making, as well as enjoying the beauty of it afterwards. I'm glad your tendons are healed well enough so you can continue to enjoy your beautiful crochet. I've loved seeing it.

  11. Looks amazing, I am working on something similar. But I have a question, do you sew them together?

  12. Oh! my goodness I love the colors it's look beautiful, make me will like a little bug see the color of the flowers.

  13. Hi Annette,I just found your blog! through Bunny mummy s. I love your crochet,The gypsy blanket is beautiful and so colourful,I have just come back from Switzerland this summer,I love it there,we have family living in Sierre.I am looking forward to seeing the progress on the blanket and will pop back in soon,juliexx


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