Friday, August 19, 2011

My Summer House Quilt - VOILA!

My summer house quilt is finished. I finished it the day before my brother came over to visit and I gave it to him for his birthday... Yes I know. It is not very manly but this quilt is made for the summer house that my brother owns. A place we are free to use and live in whenever we want, for how ever long we want.

This quilt was a rather quick project. I used mostly some ready cut squares that I have had lying around for probably about a year or so, just waiting to get used. I bought them from different ETSY shops after bumping in to the "vintage sheet" world and falling head over heals for these fantastic fabrics.

It is always extra satisfying to make a quilt out of recycled material, although I really like to give it an extra twist by using one or two new fabrics in the mixture. Can you guess which fabrics are the new ones in this quilt?

Ever since I made the Ms Green & Orange Baby Quilt I wanted to make a big quilt with fleece, just because it makes it extra cuddly. So now I had my chance. With a little time on my hands I simply sew together the front with a fleece backing, front side down. I left a little opening at the short end and turned the blanket inside out.

I then sew a seam all around, about 1/2 inch in from the edge instead of attaching a binding. And VOILA! Finished in a swisch! It is a bit tricky to work with fleece though as it stretches a bit but with patience I got it right.

Instead of machine quilting this piece I choose to try out a new way of attaching the front to the back - tying the quilt. By using this technique I didn't have to stress to get the quilt finished. I actually brought it with me on the airplane and I got some tying done in the airport as well as on the flight. :D I finish the quilt during the following two nights at the summer house.

I have to admit I suffered from a bit of separation anxiety form this quilt. I love the fabrics so much. It makes me so happy, but now I know it will come to great use in a place where I love to visit. My happy place kinda. Just look how cuddly this looks. It is Emmy somewhere underneath...

I should take my chance to share some great links to some great vintage sheet shops...  I'll do that in a separate post with some pictures a real blog love later on.



  1. It's gorgeous Annette...wish I had seen this way of joining the backing...adding the binding to my mini quilt is something I'm not looking forward to .
    The fleece is such a great idea and the colours you have used are just so pretty :0)
    Jacquie x

  2. Love the quilt Annette, the fabrics & colors as always are gorgeous & i love the thought of a fleece backing, sounds very cosy indeed Mmmmmm
    Karen Xx

  3. Jösses, vilket täcke! Min små bebis-lapptäcken hamnar verkligen i lä... :-)

    Kom på att jag ju glömt svara dig ang. väggljusstaken. Den är köpt på en inredningsbutik i Stockholm (alltså ingen kedja). Så egentligen är mitt svar kanske inte mycket till hjälp. Men jag har sett dom på flera ställen så skulle jag springa på någon igen ska jag ha dig iåtanke.

  4. This is beautiful and PERFECT for a Summer House. I love the idea of a fleece backing. So warm and cozy! I have also discovered vintage sheets. They are too wonderful for words!

  5. W-AA-UU-WW !!!!!! ........ WAUW !

  6. What a beauty! I adore the colours! You're inspiring me to 'get a wiggle on' with my hexie quilt! i think tonight will be a curl up and sew night. Hope you're having a super weekend! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  7. lovely quilt and so sweet of you to make it for your brother..when you visit your brother's summer house it will be there waiting for you:) jane

  8. Its a beautiful quilt Annette! I cant tell which are new fabrics to be honest, but I love the fact you have used mostly vintage and given the fabrics a new lease of life.
    I love the simple method you have used to make the quilt - and the use of fleece as a backing to add cosiness is brilliant!
    It makes me want to dash off and make a quilt NOW as often it is the traditional construction of layering and quilting that puts me off finishing (or even starting!)a quilt, but this method is brilliant.
    Thank you for sharing this - you have inspired me!
    Gill xx

  9. Aww, such a cute blanket and it has found the best use :-)
    Have fun,

  10. Oh this is GORGEOUS! I was just thinking about doing a fleece backed quilt and Voila! Here you have done it! After my next traditional quilt project, I'm going to do a fleece backed quilt!


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