Sunday, September 18, 2011

It is yet another pillow...

Thank you for welcoming Frankie Boy to my world. He sure is adorable and your comments are, like always, so sweet and fun. And I would like to take the chance and thank for the Versitile Blogger Award that I got from Winkieflash at A Creative Being AND from Saritha over at Rainbow Bunting. Thank you thank you girls!

I have played the game a couple of times before and I have to admit I am not the greatest at following up the good fun. I really appreciate the Awards (I should probably put them in my margin like everybody else have done...) but I just never seem to get to it. There are so many good blogs around that it is hard for me to pick just some of them out. I suggest you check out my blog list and visit some of the places I follow. They are all fabulous, inspiring and sweet in their own way. If you would like to read some secret stuff about me check my Award button.

No something creative. This was a quick project I have to say. It always feels good to make a small project at times where you can start and finish in a swisch. It fits perfect in one of my chairs.

I used some of my red and blue stash, trim and ribbons with a folklore twist to it. The backing is from an old IKEA pillow with the zip included. A little bit of cheating in some peoples eyes but I just think that is so clever. :D

I might go ahead and make another one as I like to have a friend for my pillow. I think they always do best as a couple.

Today is a rainy day. I kinda like that for a change. Maybe I will get the chance to sit by the sewing machine a little bit now without feeling guilty. I always feel guilty sitting inside when the sun is out. I think fall and winter is the best time spent by the sewing machine or with a hook and yarn in front of the TV... Yes, I am hooking a little bit actually. My Gypsy blanket is growing slowly. I'll show an update soon.



  1. Snyggt, snyggt!
    Visst är det sá. kanske det är typiskt svenskt att man máste vara ute när det är fint väder?
    Jag tycker sá men efter flera mánader av bara fint väder máste man fá vara inne och ändá finns den dár, den dár kánslan om att man borde vara ute och ta vara pá det fina vädret.

  2. Just det, gár ocksá i kuddtankar, massor av kuddar vill jag ha. Har just fátt reda pá ett par nya tygaffärer inne i Málaga. Fár väl ta och áka dit en dag. fast nu drar jag mej för att áka sá lángt;)
    Har ochsá tänkt pá vad jag skulle använda mina band till och där hade du lösningen. TACK!

  3. I love this pillow and can't wait for it's possible companian. It has a Scandinavian feel to it and you know how I like that. :-)

  4. What a cheery pillow! I love the crisp look of the blue, red, and white.

  5. Hi Annette loving your new cushion, the fabrics as always are to die for, have a thing about those colors at the mo!!!!!
    Have a lovely day Karen x

  6. Jättesnygg kudde! Här är hösten igång och löven faller från träden och de första minusgraderna har även dykt upp.
    Kul att du virkar igen, jag har knappt virkat nåt i sommar, men det blir nog bättre under vintern. Just nu längtar jag efter att virka i M&K ekologiska baby merinoull, den har en så fantastisk lyster.
    Ha det bra bra!

  7. This is so fresh and pretty Annette - i love red and blues together, you have made a wonderful cushion here!
    Gill xx

  8. I don't think it's cheating, like you it's being smart, creative and recycling :) You probably prefer this pillow to the other, right? So instead of just setting it aside you restyled it ;)
    I have yet to get my hands on quilting--slowly, oh so slowly, I'm building my courage to start a new hobby / love! And the enormous stash of yarn sitting around waiting to be reduced doesn't help at all...
    But anyways... your pillow is lovely and makes me sigh (I want to do something like that to!!!)

  9. Very pretty Annette! Just my stye and colors, I love it!



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