Thursday, November 24, 2011

DMC wool treasure = HAPPY!

We rushed in to the Emergency Room and our Dear Mac was quickly put into the intensive care unit. He has been suffering for while now being lethargic, working in slow motion... Diagnosis said brain damage, heart failure... Not much hope. And he just turned 2!!!

The specialist Dr Apple suggested a transplant and with worry we left Dear Mac in Dr Apple's hands. It has taken a week but everything went well. A new hard drive has been put in, updated system and software. It was pricy, no insurance will cover this type of surgery... but we are SO happy to have Dear Mac back at home. And he runs like lightning. Swisch, swisch, swisch... Funny how effected one can be by loosing her computer for a few days...

So we are back Dear Mac and me. And I have lots to share so lets get started.

I found a magic box at my favorite thrifts store Emmaus and Curious George in me opened the lid...

... and found this! The box was loaded with DMC tapestry yarn bundles. I started to pick out colors and soon I just couldn't hold them with one hand or even two... So many shades of colors. So hard to choose. Little Emmy Bo, clever girl, looked at me with her big brown eyes "Mama, why don't you buy the whole box?" So I did. I bought the whole box!

Lets play sorting colors and shades. Ohhh beautiful blues and greens.

Beautiful earthy reds, pinks and purples.

Ooops, Frankie Boy wants to play too but "No No! Not with my DMC yarn."

Look at that. A wheel of pure color bliss!

I have no clue on what to make out of this but to only have them and look at them does the trick. Color therapy on high level. This might just be perfect for a new granny project one day, when all the other crochet WiPs have been finished that is. For now I will just look at them.

Aaaaahhh, it is good to be back. Will catch up with you all in blog land the upcoming days, feels like I've been gone for ages. :D

♥♥♥ Annette


  1. Wow, vilka underbara färger! Förstår att du köpte hela lådan :)

  2. AAh... what a great find!
    So many colors. Makes me wonder about the person who owned it before.... old lady perhaps?

  3. What a brilliant find you lucky thing!! very envious, I am sure you will be able to make some gorgeous stuff with all those beautiful colours! Have a great day, Julie:)

  4. Wow soooooooooo much yarn, beautiful colors!
    Ciao Crissi

  5. Holy yarn what a find!!! :D

  6. Härligt att se dej igen. Det är ju sá att man saknar dina inlägg ock komentarer. Glada, roliga och inspirerande glädjeglimtar i min vardag ;)
    Fast först blev jag lite orolig och undrade vem i hela friden hade varit sá dálig?
    Innan jag fattade........
    Men visst utan dator är man lost, liksom.
    Efter mánga om och men frán min mammas sida fick jag alla broder-garn som hade varit min mormors. mamma ville ha dom som minne ( i en láda i garaget) nu har jag dom( i en láda i hyllan) ska bara bestämma mej för vad jag ska använda dom till. Funderar mycket pá att virka en "trasmatta"
    Du har en i ett inlägg för längesen, en som du har köpt, visserligen, men den är sááááfin.
    Den har funnits i mitt bakhuvud länge.
    Fár se vad du hittar pá med dina.
    har börjat snöa in lite pa´att brodera med, vi fár se vad det blir......
    Ska kolla upp det dár med "Lilla barn" hade vait kul om sá var fallet. Hon skriver kul.
    ha en hárli advent och njut av julförberdelserna. Hár fár viingen vit jul. hur mycket man än vill.

  7. Wow yarn and colour over load - how wonderful! I like your daughter's thinking :)

  8. wowwwwwww...very attractive colours!!!

  9. Nice to have you back and looking at the colours of the yarn makes my heart beat faster with happiness! So, so nice...have a colourful day!

  10. Wow what a find, lucky, lucky lady......:D
    Karen Xx

  11. Det är något speciellt med Mac. Min har fått nytt hjärta från en som blev ratad för en nyare modell.
    Vilken härlig låda du fick tag på. Lycka till med att brodera upp alla garner.

  12. Hi Annette, good to have you back! This is indeed a real treasure; wow what a color range! Truely amazing. I have a few, found at thrifstores too, and also no idea what I am going to do with them, but you are right, just the look of it...

    Enjoy the colors and the 'new' computer!

    Love, Maaike

  13. Blimey I thought it was a precious pet that was ill and when I saw the box photo I was starting to well up!
    Glad your computer is all better :)
    My o my that was a lovely find! There are some amzing colours in that stash.

  14. Oh my gosh, you hit the jackpot! Lucky you!

  15. A terrific find, I am sure that you will think of the best use of it. But honestly just looking at those beautiful colours is satisfying!

  16. Oh wow what a wonderful selection of colours!!! What will you make I wonder? And what fun deciding what colours to use!

  17. I found an entire bag of the same thread... now I am wondering what to do with it.
    What did you do?


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