Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mac disaster on the grump side. A table runner VOILA on the smiley side.

My computer is acting up. It is a Mac. Running incredibly slow for the moment. I can't do anything on it. So after a week of annoyingly sloooooooow computer I reinstalled my system. Better? No. Anyone who has any advice on what to do? I am terrified to delete pictures or preferences... But I think I have to deleete the hard drive completely and start all over. Maybe I will turn in my Mac for a tune up. Pay for it although it is probably easy peasy...

However, I have something smiley to show you. My table runner is finished!!! VOILA!!! I am so happy with this table runner (sorry about the bad light in my pics, not so easy to take pictures indoor this time of the year...).

I had this idea in spring, cut out all the pieces and got distracted. Like always. It is really a summer table runner but I will use it for another couple of weeks before my Christmas table runner will be taking over.

I really enjoy making table runners. So easy and so satisfactory. No matter what fabric you will use it always turns out fabulous. And do you see the big blue fruit bowl. My latest find at a market. I couldn't resist. I might have to give it its own post as it is absolutely adorable. I l♥ve l♥ve l♥ve it and am so happy I found it. :D

And what else has been going on around here? Well, I have made 15 scout scarves. Spotty scarves. I still have 35 more to make... But 15 is for now. The rest will be for spring time.

It is for a friend who is a scout leader and she really wanted something different for her scout group on the next scout happening. I think they look great in all tehir spottyness... Although I am not sure I will take on such a project again... Triangels are very difficult to cut and sew...

Oh, and yes it happens to be my birthday. Tomorrow. But we celebrated today. It has been a great day, although turning 40 + is nothing to really brag about... I am quite happy with this birthday passing by in a bit of tranquility and silence... See you again soon.


♥♥♥ Annette


  1. *whisper* happy birthday tomorrow! *whisper*

  2. Hope you have the very nicest birthday. 40 + is awesome!

  3. Happy Birthday :) :) :)
    Hope your computer turns out O.K. and you have a really nice day just the way you like it!

  4. I LOVE the fruit bowl..what a fantastic find! And your gorgeous runner suits it perfectly. Computer gremlins....grrrrr xxx

  5. Happy birthday! Lovely tablerunner:-)

  6. happy birthday Annette!!!
    May all your Dream comes true !!! God bless you !!!

  7. I have the same problem, my computer is very slow, I am getting nervous. I would welcome any suggestion for a 'home made' solution.
    Happy birthday, every birthday is worth celebrating, the older you get the more you should celebrate!

  8. Jättefin löpare! Passar utmärkt ihop med den vackra fruktskålen!
    Ett stort GRATTIS i efterskott!
    Hoppas du fick en bra dag.


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