Sunday, January 29, 2012

Spreading blog love - Scrap projects

I am obsessed with scrappy projects for the moment. I am so in love with scraps and what they can transform into. Just look at these lovelies, dear friends. Take out your scraps and lets play!

Memory game out of scraps anybody? "Genial", as we would say here in French speaking Switzerland. Inspiration from The Craftinomicon.

Tissue bags and note book covers. Drop dead cute. Inspiration from Erleperle.

Pretty gift tags. How clever is that? Inspiration from WIP.

Build houses. I think they are adorable and they will make a wonderful wall decorating quilt when finished. Fabulous. Inspiration from Dutch Sisters.

Yesterday I fell head over heals over these pin cushions. Aren't they just the cutest? Inspiration from Happy Little Cottage.

Or these lovelies. Mini cushions for pins. I am a sucker for everything teeny tiny... Inspiration from Helen Philipps.

Happy Little Cottage even shared these patchwork tin jackets and I actually just have to make one of those and have at work to spread some patchwork love in the office. Ahhhhh - so cute!

What about making yourself a pair of patchwork curtains? These are fab-fantastic. I've spotted samples of similar curtains a little bit everywhere in Blogland but these are from Summerfete.

A sweet hearty lavender bag to spread some nice scent. Adorable. Inspiration from CraftStylish.

Okay, I have to stop now... But this stylish shopping bag just has to be mentioned as well. This beauty is on my  "I - want - to - make - this!" list like so many other things. Inspiration from Jojoebi.

Hope my blog lovin' has inspired you too. I am certainly overwhelmed by inspiration, my head spinning like a hula hoop of excitement. :D If I only could make it to the sewing machine also and just not get stuck by the computer and with my daily chores... (sigh...). Which one of the above is on your "I - want - to - make -this!" list?



  1. I ♥ scraps too!! Thanks for including my little projects. I am making another scrappy tin for my office too...perfect for paperclips. I am so inspired by all the other projects...lots of talented ladies in blogland! xoxo Debbie

  2. Lovely lovely pictures ,full of inspiration ,thanks for sharing , i too am trying to do all the things you are ,lots of projects to finish though !x

  3. Such beautiful pictures! Too bad my children are too big for memory now, they were truly tempting...

  4. Looking at your blog is like eye candy! Love it all!!! The gift tags are very cute and the sweet little houses are too charming and I am in love with the patchwork curtains with the sun shining through and the breeze blowing in! Thanks for all the pretties!

  5. inspiration overload Annette! Loving it,

    hugs Maaike

  6. Great ideas, oh boy i have so many scraps, now i'm inspired to use them up
    Karen x

  7. thanks Annette...what shall you make next?

  8. Thank you for all of those lovely inspirational photo's and links.
    My favourites are the pin cushions and gift tags, they've gone straight onto my pinterest!

    Ashley xxx


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