Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Life is fragile...

I got up at 6.30 am like normal. Took a shower and got dressed like normal. I woke up the kids at 7.00 am, like normal. Prepared school snacks, signed papers and agendas for school, packed my lunch and my crochet bag for work. Like normal. We all sat down and had breakfast at 7.30 am. Cereal of many different kinds as everyone has their own favorite. We are lucky that we can afford to choose. Mine is Special K with red fruit. Like normal.

The oldest took off for the school bus at 8.00 am and the rest of us brushed teeth and put on winter overalls, hats and gloves for school. It is all white and pretty outside from the new snow that came last night. Luca walked to school, Emmy and I drove over there in our little practical Fiat Punto and I dropped her off a few minutes before the school bell rang. In time for a change, as I always tend to be a couple of minutes late. It felt good. I had my favorite flower dress on with black cable stockings, my favorite black cuddly boots. I forgot to put mascara on this morning, but it is okay. I look okay for work even without it. I waved off my dear little Emmy who happily skipped into school on her own. Like normal. Everything is like normal.

I get back in the car to take off for work. Like normal. A friend calls on my cellphone. I pull over to have  a quick chat and a laugh. We haven't spoken in a while and she gave me a tip of an advert of some kind. That is so sweat.

I pull out in traffic and the road is covered with the new snow. Probably about 5 inches. I love new fluffy snow. But the plow man has not been out yet so I have to drive more slowly than I normally do. But it is okay. There is no rush to get into work this morning. In a curve my car lets go a little bit and I slow down even more. The snow keeps on tumbling down. Big fluffy flakes. Beautiful. I am happy. The morning has been calm and nice. My husband Jay is coming home tonight after working in Gstaad for the weekend.  It is all good. Our village get smaller in the rear view mirror as I leave it behind me on the small road through fields and forests. I know these roads with my eyes closed. I've driven here so many times. It is all routine. Everyday routine. Like normal.

I concentrate hard as I enter a part where one S-curve is followed by another. Slowing down even more. Suddenly a big black BMW X3 shows up in the corner of my upcoming left curve. He looses control over his vehicle and the back of his car slides out in my lane. There is nothing to do but to hold on to the wheel, close my eyes and wait for the big bang...

Silence... I can only here myself screaming... For a second I think that the car will roll over but it stops. I here myself sobbing. I can't think straight. There is smoke coming out from behind the air bags. It smells of burnt plastic. I have to get out. I can't get out! The door is stuck. I crawl out through the passenger door. Grabbing my hand bag. It gets stuck around the gear stick and I am desperately trying to get it off - succeeding and tumbling out in the snow.

I walk away from the car and fall down in tears at the side of the road. A gentleman comes up to see how I am. "Ca va Madame? Ca va?" I think I am fine. I am trying to feel. I think I am okay. I can't see any blood. My neck hurts. My back. But no I think I am fine.

I reach out for my phone to call Jay but he doesn't have any reception in the kitchen where he works. I am crying and trying to find someone else to call. But the freaking touch screen only makes my phone book list roll under my fingers. Stupid new technology!!! How I wish I had a normal phone with buttons on. The man helps me with my phone. He forces me to look at him and tells me I know him. I suddenly see him through my tears and it is my dentist... I am relieved. And chocked. I cry on his shoulder like a 5-year old. He helps me to phone a friend but it takes a while. I don't know who to call. I have no family around. And Jay is at least 2 hours away. Eventually we get hold of a neighbor who comes out within 5 minutes to help me. The police has already arrived.

The man in the other car is okay. He is calm and settled. He is concerned about my condition. He apologizes deeply. I am the only one being hysterical and in chock. My car looks like a smashed beer can. The wheel lying horizontal to the ground. The front all wrinkled up. There are pieces of plastic all over the place. I think "Thank God I didn't have the kids in the car!".

Time goes by, we go to the police station to fill out forms. My friend brings me to the Emergency room. Jay is on his way home from Gstaad. I spend the next 4 hours in hospital being examined, having x-rays and being propped up with neck support supplies. Nothing major. Rest and anti-inflammatory drugs for the rest of the week and I should be fine.

All day I cry on and off. Of fear of what could have happened if things would have been different. Of relief that I am fine. I survived. Of the enlightenment that life is not to be taken for granted. Every second counts. It has been close to disasters so many times before in life and every time I have gone "Phew, that was close", but this time it wasn't a 10th of second that saved me. This time the timing said it would happen. And it did. Full on.

I am hugging my kids a little bit extra, I am holding my husbands hand in mine.  I look at my house and think that it is a great place to be, with all its flaws and imperfections, messy but warm appearence. Life is perfect like it is. It is now that matters. Who knows what happens from one second to another? Life is fragile. I am taking time out for a little bit dear friends. Take care of every moment you have.



  1. Oh, Annette! Thankful you are fine.

  2. Oh my ! This is awful !
    I am so glad that you can téll us the story ánd that your children were save.
    Take care, indeed, life is fragile.
    x Sylvia

  3. Shit pommes frites, där blev jag riktigt tagen!
    Oj, och en en liten tár till och med.
    Är jag extra känslig eller kan det var sá att jag tänker pá dej som en vän? En vän lángt borta som jag aldrig har sett men ándá känner en stor gemanskap med.
    Usch ja, det máste ha varit en shock och en himla massa tankar hinner fara genom huvudet.
    Krama om de dina väldigt mycket och njut av alla fina stunder.
    Kramar, kramar

  4. What a scary thing to happen, Annette. Yes, life is fragile. Very fragile. From a different point of view I've discovered that twice already in my 48 years now(fighting breast cancer) and the biggest concern is always the same--our children. Thank God yours weren't there. Thank God it was me and not my son.
    Thank God. And rest and recover. A big hug, Teresa

  5. Oh Annette how awful.
    I'm so very glad you are okay.
    I've just written a post of my pain through over sewing, it now seems ridiculous compared to your day.
    You are right life is fragile.
    Rest up and think of all the wonderful things to sew when you are well.
    Clare xxx

  6. Wow - it is moments like that you realise how precious life if, how easily it is to take things for granted and yes, thank goodness the kids were at school. Shock makes you do strange things - so so glad you are ok (apart from the shock and feeling tender) take care x

  7. Hello Annette!
    Your post made me cry ... yes, life is fragile and we forget this most of the time ...
    Thanks God everything was OK for you today and you are all safe and in good health!
    Take care of yourself!
    Hugs and kisses,

  8. Så fruktansvärt otäckt! Förstår att du vill fokusera på annat än bloggen, ta all tid du behöver och njut av nära och kära. Så skönt att det gick bra, hoppas nu att du inte får besvär av nacke och rygg. Skickar en stor kram!

  9. Oh, Annette. I just don't even know what to say. Your post, your experience- how terrifying. I am so glad you are alright, and that you have been so lucky to have survived to appreciate even more fully your beautiful life. Hugs going to you.

  10. How awful.

    So glad to hear you are fine. Things like this really do remind us just how fragile life is. It's awful to think what might have been but you are safe, with your family back at home.

    Take care


  11. Hello Annette :)
    Im so happy that you are ok, safe and with your family. Take care of yourself now :)

    /stor kram

  12. I send you a big hug!! It is different, i had cancer in my breast, but i think in a little bit it is the same, we survived!!

  13. Åh, herregud, jag blir alldeles tårögd! Men vilken tur du hade! Jag läste och läste och tänkte vad har hänt. Men jag är glad att du mår bra, men jag förstår din rädsla. Man vill ju vara med sina barn, man vill inte att de ska växa upp utan mamma, vem ska lära dem allt man har att lära dem, vem ska ge dem all kärlek....
    Men jag är gladd att du är ok, hoppas bara att du inte får problem med rygg och nacke.
    Oj är det enda jag kan tänka.
    Många kramar till er alla och kärlek till dig som du skickar alltid till oss andra!

  14. Take good care of yourself and remember that the what ifs are invalid. They couldn't have happened because what did already did and you are OK. The children were NOT there thank goodness so please don't worry about them. I found that this was the worse thing for me after a horrible incident I had, thinking about what could have happened. So please give yourself lots of tlc and understanding. I understand about the timing thing too; I think about that sometimes. Yes it is time to appreciate the good in life but above all be kind to yourself, shock can take a while to be visible sometimes. Such a thing as you have been through is deeply traumatic and is bound to make you feel very wobbly. Am thinking of you and wishing you well.

    Much love. Take care xx

  15. Ciao Annette!
    Thank you for this post!
    Ti abbraccio forte

  16. ciao Annette,
    ti abbraccio forte

  17. Oh you poor thing. Thank goodness you are fine. You are right, life is a fragile thing and everything that seems so stable and reliable and that we hold dear can all change in an instant - we should always try to remember that every day. Look after yourself xxx

    S x

  18. Rest and take care! Try not to think about "What if?" Car accidents are scary because sometimes we have no control. I'm so glad you are ok :)

  19. Dear Annette - I am so sorry for what you had to go through but am relieved that you survived it all and are back home with your family! I hope you are not feeing any lingering side effects from the accident. Please take care of yourself. I thoroughly enjoy your blog,seeing the things that you make and hearing about your life. I love to read about the lifestyles of people that live in other countries. Again, thank you and be safe & happy!

  20. So thankful you are okay. I had a bad car accident a few years ago as well. Very frightening. And it does change our perspective forever. We MUST appreciate every person and every moment God gives us. Blessings to you Dear One!

  21. That was so moving to read - I could feel your shock from here.
    Take time to treat yourself very gently while you recover.
    Nel xxxxxx

  22. Oh A lot of kisses from Spain thankful you are fine.The life is very fragile so we should enjoy every minute

  23. Hugs Annette. I am so thankful that you are OK. Rest up and take care. xoxo Debbie

  24. Glad you're ok, we must all remember how fragile life is. Take care.

  25. oh my gosh how scary.
    Take care of yourself.
    I hope you are ok and get over the shock soon. xxx

  26. heureusement que vous n'avez pas de mauvaises blessures!!!
    c'est en effet vite arrivé et tout cela fait réfléchir qu'il faut embrasser la vie à chaque minute : carpe diem!
    on oublie parfois non?
    je n'ai encore rien fait avec vos petits carrés, je cherche encore, n'ai pas envie de ruiner ces
    petits carrés, donc j'essaie avec du coton.
    bon rétablissemnt


  27. thank God you are alright. and thanks for reminding me how fragile life is. Take care!

  28. How scary! Thank God that you weren't seriously injured, and of course that the kids were already tucked in to their appropriate places at school! I would have been hysterical, too. You're so right- life is more fragile that we know.

  29. So glad you are safe, Thank God!!!!!!
    Enjoy your precious time Annette
    Lots of love Karen xxxxxx

  30. I was "t-boned" about 6 years ago and it totaled my new car. My DH said if the other driver would have hit me 5" more to the right I wouldn't be here today. My guardian angel was watching over me :) The woman told the police she was only going 35MPH but there was no way she would have totaled my car at that speed. She had a broken ankle. I had an air-bag burn on my wrist and a swollen shoulder where the seat belt came across. I was VERY lucky....and so were you. It's normal to feel the way you do right now. That will pass. I didn't drive for a long time after that accident and I was very nervous if it looked like another driver wasn't going to stop in time for a stop sign or a red light, etc. Be sure you get right behind the wheel again soon.

  31. Oh my goodness, what a fright!!! I'm so glad you weren't seriously hurt. It's times like this, like others here have already said, that we realise just how fragile life is.

  32. Thank goodness you are OK.What a terrible and frightening experience for you,and as you say, how lucky the children werent with you.
    Take care Annette
    Gill xx

  33. So sorry for your ordeal, glad you are Ok. Take things easy ~ thinking of you.

  34. Wow, thank to God that you are o.k. Enjoy your weekend with your family.

  35. I wrote about a car crash I witnessed yesterday and a commenter told me you'd had an awful upset too. So I have just popped over to offer you my heartfelt wishes and to say I am glad that you are ok, at least as ok as you can be. I've been warned to expect flash backs and to have heightened fear over the safety of my family over the next week or so but that it will pass.

    This is my first visit here but I can see that it's a place I will be returning to.


  36. Oh my goodness. I am so sorry that you have gone through this. Take time out and appreciate your life and family. Thinking of you. xx

  37. Hi Annette, I just found your blog via my4lilgirls and was so shocked to read your story of the car accident, truly terrifying. I hope you are ok and I hope you can return to blogging as I love everything I have read so far. And thanks for the reminder to appreciate everything we have, I'm going to give my husband and baby boy a big hug and kiss when I finish here.

    Take care,
    Helen xx

    Ps I'm really glad to have found your corner of blogland

  38. I don't even know you and I just today found your blog - so why is it that I spent my morning sobbing at your story? many countries away. Who knows. Life indeed - fragile.

  39. Hello, Annette! I like your blog and so I’m passing on to your blog “The Versatile Blogger” award if you wish it. Take a look here:
    Have a nice day!
    Olga ☼

  40. Hi Annette! i'm very very sorry for your bad experience, but i'm glad you are okay:-)) I'd like to write so many things, but my english is limeted.... Ti abbraccio virtualmente

  41. I just read this posting, Annette. I'm so pleased you got out of that accident so safely. As you say, so lucky that the kids weren't in the car with you. Yes, life is indeed fragile and when we encounter danger or unexpected and difficult happenings, it makes us appreciate the very simple things in life that we often take for granted.


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