Monday, March 12, 2012

Come Walk With Me - Week 2

Hello Walking ladies

This is how many minutes of walking we have done this week:
(PS If you still haven't reported your efforts please do. :D)

Annette (me) - 200 minutes (3 hours 20 min)
Jay Nic Knit Knacks - 120 minutes ( 2 hours)
Jane - 480 minutes (8 hours, walking the dog every day + 60 min extra on the weekend. NICE!)

Stel - 30 minutes
Henny Designs - 27369 steps (That is probably about 4 hours walking - well done!)
Blandina Aracne

Happy Little Cottage - No walking yet... But I think this week will be different, right? :D
Mrs Stenlund - 210 minutes (3 hours 30 minutes)
IA Nyckelpiga - 210 minutes (3 hours 30 minutes)

Tea With Hazel - 135 minutes ( 2 hours 15 min)

Gilly Flower - 240 minutes (4 hours)
Home Schooled
Kolora - 185 minutes + a swimming session (3 hours 5 minutes and 20 minutes of this was running!)
Rita Baccaro

Lynne - 160 minutes ( 2 hours 40 min)
Anonymous from California - 360 minutes (6 hours - WOW)

My best motivation tips:

• Music - download your favorite tunes, preferably upbeat high tempo songs, to your iPod or MP3 player and get walking. It makes all the difference in the world, believe me. Even when I am in a bad mood my favorite songs can turn that around for me. Or I give in to the sulking and listen to some tear dripping, beautiful, heart breaking songs and let the tears flow for a bit (make sure to bring paper napkins...). Therapy at its best. Finish off with an upbeat song, get rid of the frustration and you come back with all smiles. Some of my favorites right now are:
FloRida - Good Feeling
KT Tunstall - Black Horse & the Cherry Tree
Cobra Starship - You Make Me Feel...
Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger

• Pedometer - This is my best friend ever! Without my pedometer I feel completely lost. I love seeing the stats on how I have done on my walks, short or long. It is so motivating to see that even to walk down to the grocery store on the corner to get milk gives me a few hundred steps to count to my daily step routine... Once you get a pedometer you don't want to let it go. This is by far the best motivation for a beginner. Get one! and start counting your steps.

You find them in a sport shop or on the Internet. I just ordered a new one from Make sure you get a good one, go for one costing around 30-50 dollars. I only have experience of Silva pedometers and it has worked great. I just clip it on to my waist line and boom. Every step I take is counted and I can actually see how much or little I move. Health researches recommends us to do 10000 steps a day (counting every step we take...) to live a long and healthy life. The average for an office working person, that doesn't consciously add walking into his day, is between 1500-3000 steps only. That is shocking if you ask me. So Come Lets Walk.

Trainers! - Comfort is king. I have a pair of old sneakers hidden under my office table at work. I am not really a high heal girl and if we are going to a park or longer outing I always make sure to wear trainers. I even have a pair of Gortex trainers to motivate myself to get out in snow and rain as well. Because it can be refreshing - you just have to wear the right clothes. :D

• Find a walking route - I have a walking route that takes 10 minutes, another that takes 15, a third that takes 20 and a fourth that takes 30. This makes it easier for me to really fit some walking time into my daily schedule. If I have a busy schedule I know I can squeeze in a couple of the 10-minutes routes into my day - at least. If I have a 30 minute window I do my 30 minute route. This is really helpful girls. You could time up the route around your block or time how long it takes to bring kids to school. Does it take 10 minutes? Good. Then you know that dropping off and picking up kids equals 20 minutes in a day. That is great! You can do one or more laps around your block depending on how much time you have.

And now we a ready for next weeks challenge aren't we?

Walking mission - Week 2
• Just keep walking minimum 15-30 minutes a day depending on your level. This week you can make it if you didn't last week. You've got all the tips and tools for it. Just do it!

• Speed up your tempo a bit and get that heart rate going, it makes a big difference.

• Keep your head up high. Look around. Reflect on what you see. This is great for your posture, gives more space for your breathing. And you will love paying attention to your surroundings.

Good luck and enjoy!



  1. Oh, sorry, missed the report. I've walked for 210 minutes (3,5 hours) since last Monday. Blessings!

    1. Så där ja! Fab fantastic. Two Swedes on top of the list. Amazing! Keep walking! :D // Annette

  2. Does housework count?
    My cleaner couldn't dome today, so I ran through the laundry dishes floor en carpets, breaking up a sweat. And tomorrow's route is already planned - dropping the car for its service, then walking to the car rental place to get a replacement for 24 hrs!

    1. Sounds great to me. :D You are your own boss in this game. You do what ever feels good for you as long as you are up and moving around a bit more than before. Write down the minutes you are "focus" walking, like the walk to the car rental place. :D// Annette

  3. Annette, I am working out at least 30 minutes a day but not walking so I don't think I qualify. Love this series you are motivating all of us to move!

  4. Thanks for working my time out, Annette, I completely forgot :) This week will be so much harder as I have to work full time, my husband is away and my kids don't like to stay at home on their own (maybe I can convince my daughter to go running with me)...hmm, we will see!

    1. Not to worry, we all have our challenges, it could be weather or just a stressful time at home. I've been a "single mom" a lot lately with my husband working in another town on weekends and parts of the week... Those days it is hard for me to fit some walking in as I can't leave my kids alone either so I know the feeling. His assignment is soon over and I am sooooo looking forward to fitting in walks much easier with him being by my side again. Good luck finding the moments. And running with the big girl sounds like an excellent idea. :D

  5. Thank you so much for your encouragement! I just came across your blog a couple of days ago and started walking yesterday. I walked twice, morning and early evening for about 1 hour total. I am going to get a pedometer soon to stay motivated. I am a transplanted Dane living in Northern California and it has turned Spring here and it is so nice to get moving again!
    I like to join your club. How do I do that?
    Warmest wishes,

    1. Lisbeth dear - Velkommen til klubben! I have added your name to the list above and that is it my friend. Happy to here you are joining me. :D Read my other posts about this challenge by clicking the Come Walk With Me button. As I can't reply to you directly I will reply to you here, hoping you are popping back in soon to read this. See you around. :D //Annette

    2. tusind tak! i bought a pedometer today and have walked twice for a total of 95 minutes. I have not been feeling well for the last 5-6 weeks and I am finally over it! It really feels good moving again and I can feel the energy building. I find it nice to know that there is a group of women in different parts of the world doing it together. I am motivated and it feels good being accountable too!
      Love and many blessings to every one from Northern California! Lisbeth.

  6. thanks for the report annette..t's great to see how everyone is going..

  7. Hi Annette , love this idea. Great that you are encouraging others to join you ...helps keep the motivation going. I love walking and these days I feel like I can almost call myself a runner ....all started with brisk walking :0)
    Love your music too . I run with an MP3...not too loud or it's a bit dangerous. I have your first and fourth tracks on my playlist ...great choices.
    Keep up the good work.
    Jacquie x

  8. Hi Annette, sorry I'm late reporting in!

    I managed to up my usual walks last week inspired by you, and managed about 4 hours in all - 2 one hour walks and the rest half hours.
    I need to get a pedometer still - I have good walking boots although tend to wear wellies this weather as my walks are through muddy fields and woods.

    At the weekend I found I could get into two old pairs of favourite jeans that I hadnt worn for 4 years! The extra walking seems to have shed weight off waist, hips and thighs, although Im afraid its not all down to the last week, but to more excercise in the last few months!
    I did 1 hour 10 minutes yesterday, so a good start to the week.
    I still need to measure myself too.

    Everyone else is doing so well!
    Thanks for all this Annette, and well done on your achievements!!

  9. Hi there Annette, well done - you're doing brilliantly keeping up the motivation! I'm just doing my steady hour every day (with a dog though, so there's a bit of stop-start!) plus an extra hour one day at the weekend. So 8 hours per week! Wow, it soon adds up! But I'm afraid I won't often get to do more, and I can't go without my dear little dog, so ther'll always be sniffing time :)

  10. Hello Annette! I'm Anonymous from California and I'm sorry for my late report. I walked 6 hours last week. Here we've started Summer time this Sunday and it would mske my evening walk a little longer-I hope!
    Thank you so much for your time for motivating us, Anette!

  11. Annette, just to let you know. I received the pin cushion a few days ago. It's great, thank you. My dogs love it as much as I do, LOL. All those smells from another place! I have blogged about this today.

    Renee :)

  12. I didn't report either, but I walked every day, and for more than 30 minutes. I am slowly losing weight!


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