Sunday, March 11, 2012

Vintage sheet frenzy!

Call me the crazy woman. "What the heck is she doing?" I guess that is what my neighbors are thinking watching me decorate the naked apple trees with these beauties and then on top of that sneaking around taking pictures. What a nut job! I am a nut job indeed. :D

Isn't it kinda pretty though? A tree with colorful sheets blowing in the wind.

I love my vintage sheets. I treat them with my greatest respect. They have history. They are the softest fabrics imaginable. They are originals. They are not mass produced. They are special. So special that I don't even cut them up.

These are my latest treasures. My big time favorite is the 70's blue floral. Absolutely stunning and so my colors!!! I see a baby quilt coming on. A couple of pillow cases. Maybe a sun dress for Emmy Bo if my skills will allow that.

Do you love them too? Want a piece? They will soon be available in My ETSY Shop as Fat Quarters. I will stock up my shop a little bit this week. If you want a larger piece drop me a line. I'll make you a custom order. :D Oooohhhh vintage sheet love! It makes me so silly happy! Just as happy as some bolts and plastic pieces for a motorcycle makes my husband happy. We are crazy. Both of us. Nut jobs. Indeed. Maybe that is why we match so well. :D



  1. Hi Annette! You are a nut job with fabulous vintage sheets :) LOL!! I want some!! These are gorgeous!! xoxo Debbie

    P.S. No walking yet!! But it is WARM today....

  2. Haha! Känner verkligen igen mig. Gissar att mina grannar undrat både en och två gånger var jag håller på med när jag hänger lapptäcken i träden eller brer ut muddbyxor i snön och fotograferar hejvilt. :-)

  3. Love the blue sheet too and the pink one closest. They really are fab.

    I am really impressed with your walking challenge. I found a pedometer on my iPod last week and took myself off....4,500 steps later I thought this is the way I want to get my weight down and my fitness up. I will watch your progress with interest, while slowly starting myself.

    Have a great week.x

  4. They are gorgeous. I think my whole family thinks I am a nut job because I am constantly taking pictures of my projects but not of my family!
    Have a great week,

  5. They remind me of the sheets my Mom used when I was a kid. I LOVE them. They look wonderful blowing about in the trees.

  6. HaHa, I bet your neighbors are jealous of your pretty sheets. I have a small collection, but not as nice as yours. It is hard to cut them up isn't it?

  7. Such gorgeousness flapping about in the breeze. i like the one on the right best I think. Touch choice though.

    I expect your neighbours think you are bonkers! Mine think I am when they catch me stringing things up for photographs!


  8. Wow how did I miss these!

    I love vintage sheets too, and yours are fantastic, especially that pinky orange one nearest!

    Nothing nutty about this!


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