Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Retro fabric mania

So what did the mother of three do last night? She filled up her ETSY shop with beautiful retro fabric. A very time consuming job... Everybody with an ETSY shop knows how much time it takes. But I am very proud. My shop is starting to look like I want it to look.

Full of color and inspiring fabric.

This time I am promoting my retro pattern fabrics. These are available in Fat Quarters (approx 18 x 22 inches / 46 x 56 cm) but if you are interested in a larger piece I can make you a custom listing. Just give me a shout!

I have a great love for the Scandinavian retro style fabric. Aaahhhh. The bold flowers and colors... Like the blue and the green one. It makes me all nostalgic. This is how I grew up you see.

It is not so easy to find these type of fabrics around here. I might plan a "loppis" trip to Sweden this spring to try my luck on the Swedish market.

Off to work. Have a lovely day!


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  1. Ohh Annette I'm so glad the Mother of 3 did this!
    I hope you post to the UK as you have some lovely fabrics there, just perfect for the cushions I am making for my online shops, and it is getting harder to find them here.
    I shall be over to your shop later after the school run!
    Hope you have enjoyed being home alone!
    Gill xx

  2. Vilka fina tyger! Är inte jättetokig i retro, men dina var fina. Ja lägga upp på Etsy är inte smidigt direkt, men det blir ju bra i slutändan.

  3. Lovely fabric, I know you well sell all of it very quickly. Have a wonderful day,

  4. These fabrics are loveliness for the soul!


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