Saturday, August 17, 2013

Flea market - Loppis - Marchés aux Puces

Do you love to go on treasure hunts? Dig around in containers? Do you stop your car to pick up an old thrown out chair or dressing table that someone has thrown out to be picked up by the garbage truck? Do you knock on a neighbor's door to ask about that old reading chair that has been standing in their open garage for over a year collecting dust to see if maybe you could take it home for a twenty or so?

I do!
I love treasure hunting. I dream of a home made from treasures. A cozy, odd imperfectly perfect home. Jay, my husband, on the other hand, thinks I drag home more junk then I get rid of. But you see - everything has its place when I come home. A purpose. And it is loved. At first sight. It can transform with some paint and fabric. Easy. Quick. Like Cindarella. From dusty and grey to sparkly and beautiful!

In English you call it Flea market, in French Marchés aux Puces. In Sweden we call it Loppis. It is all the same thing: A place filled with someones junk or old not needed stuff which will become someone else's much loved and needed treasure. Things you might think has seen its better days and you want to throw out might just be the thing I have been looking for and need in my home.

"Loppis" is a big phenomenon in the Swedish country side, especially during the summer months. This year I have visited somewhere between 10-15 of them. There has been junk yards, rustic barns, pretty old houses... I have found some fabulous Swedish art, china and textiles... Some was brought with me home but most of it stayed to find their place in our summer cottage. The treasure hunt continues, here in Switzerland.

I am addicted.


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  1. We love it!
    Today is the monthly flea-market in an old shed not so far from our place. We have the plan to visit it this afternoon.
    Good to know about the loppis in Sweden. We would like to spend our holidays in Scandinavia next year.
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Oh yes, finding lost treasure is great fun. Unfortunately it's the housing it part that I have trouble with!

    S x

  3. Oh, wow!
    I wish, we do have that in Holland.

    Annette, i love your blog, so much!
    Please, go on whit it ☺.
    You make me happy with your blog and also my girl friends.

    (I'm sorry. Is that correct Englisch?)

    Have a nice weekend.

    With love greetings,
    Caroline from Holland.

  4. Oh whow, i wish we have that in Holland!

    Annette, i love your blog so much!
    Please, go on with it.
    It makes me happy and also my girlfriends.

    Have a nice weekend.

    With love, greetings,
    Caroline from Holland.

  5. OMG - you hit it on the head and we do exactly the same thing. My daughter and I have 8 pieces sitting in our garage right now that are patiently waiting to be transformed.

  6. Oh! what a great thing - Flea market! I wish I could take a part at this market! So nice ivory baby stroller!!!!

  7. Oh yes! I am a dumpster diver from way back!!!
    Such fun!!
    xo Kris

  8. In my part of France , they are called "Vide Greniers", it means "Empty Attics", addicted, and have three lined up for tomorrow morning !!!

  9. Annette how heavenly I would have loved this, gorgeous prams
    Lots of love

  10. An addiction but not a (too much) dangerous one and it gives you so much fun and pleasure!

  11. Vilken helt fantastisk loppis med så många vackra ting! Lycka att hitta till en sådan :)

    Jag önskar dig en fin start på veckan!
    Kram Sofia


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