Sunday, April 6, 2014

Do you remember skipping?

With determination she swings her rope.
Round and round, up and down.
Her tiny feet jumps over the rope in the rythm of her swinging.
Her face is concentrated and focused.
And incredibly happy.
She shines of pride.
She counts.
And she announces how many times she has skipped.
And then she starts again.
She skips in the living room, in the kitchen, outside.
The skipping rope is her most loved toy.
She skips to school.
And I run beside her.
Now she skips on one leg, with wide feet, crossed feet...
She never seem to stop.
I watch her and I think to myself:
"Watch and learn from this determined girl. Never give up. Keep on doing what you love and you will get better and better and better. You will grow with your efforts and be proud of your accomplishment. It will make you smile from head to toe."

When you become a grown up it is easy to forget.
When I watch her I remember...


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  1. A very good lesson to remember indeed! xx

  2. Lovely Annette what adorable photographs, your little one is just gorgeous like her Mum. I used to love skipping and would do it every day when I was a young girl, dreaming about all the fabulous places I was going to visit when I was grown up - time goes by too quickly, we must enjoy every minute we can - the young know this but we tend to forget it as we grow up. Have a lovely week Annette, a love post, really bought back happy memories to me. Thank you, big hugs

  3. Such a happy post. I was never very good at skipping because of my A.S. but I did love to watch the other girls and I remember the awe I had for their skill.
    Tracey xx

  4. Visst minns jag att jag hoppade rep som barn. Många gånger hoppade vi långrep i lång ström och då var även killarna med. Dubbelrep var lite knepigare men var man väl inne i bågen så gick det bra. Vilka härliga barndomsminnen du lockade fram :-)

  5. Such a lovely,lovely blog I have found here=)
    Your home and garden are amazing!
    Have a nice week=)

  6. So many happy memories of skipping.
    Kate x

  7. One of the glories of bring a parent is that, if we watch closely, we learn and re-learn from our children. Long-lost memories return, and we discover just what is important in life. Your beautiful daughter skips! It is wonderful! My four-year-old is enjoying walking backwards. And she likes me to join her. So I do! All the way down the road, and I feel like I've remembered the key to life! Thank you, Annette, for your joyful post! Chrissie x

  8. Oh yes I do!!
    Annette, I want to purchase the pattern for the Nordic Shawl. Is it done by Paypal? I have an account, however, it is empty. How do I do this then?
    XO Kris

  9. It's so lovely to watch them master a new skill like that isn't it? And it's a joy mastering a skill when you love doing it, like that too. She looks so happy and confident :)

    S x

    PS You have to keep doing it too, have you trying skipping as an adult? Blimey - it's hard work!

  10. Lovely post - a lesson I could well do with remembering - the pictures of your little one are beautiful.

  11. beautiful post lovely and we can certainly learn from seeing how our children are. Thank you for sharing
    Gill xx


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