Saturday, January 16, 2016

Mustique Part 2 - Beach life

Lagoon Bay beach is paradise!

Lagoon Bay beach.

Lagoon Bay beach.

Sand art.

Walking carefully around the headland.

Lagoon Bay beach.

Spotting yachts when driving around the island.

The wet land forest on the beach. Perfect place for pic-nics!

Visiting the wet land forest.

Endeavour Bay becah.

Preparing to go sorkeling and searching for Nemo...

Jay helping to get the equipment on right.

Hours... for hours my kids were like this.

It is so sweet how big sister holds on to little sister in the waves.

Locals hanging out after a hard days work of restoring the dock.

The Cotton House Beach Café... did I tell you I was the only not rich person visiting this restaurant???
Although I'm rich on life and love... I think that beats any cash really. :)

Chilling in the shade.

Lagoon Bay beach at sunset.
These are the pictures you've been waiting for, right? I continue my mini series o pictures and stories from our Christmas vacation in tropical Mustique.

The beaches. Say no more. My photos speak for themselves. There are so many beautiful beaches in Mustique, but our favorite one which we kept going back to, was Lagoon Bay, secretly hidden behind a sharp point forcing you to walk around the headland by following a path made from stones and jump through waves to get to this beautiful bay. And once we got there we were amazingly ALONE. Every single time. The waves were big. As the wind picked up during our visit they actually got too big at the end. But when you hit one of those waves body surfing on top of it - What a feeling!

The island is amazingly green and has some wet land forest. One day we walked a trail signed with information about the trees, bushes and animals that lives here. There were stories about how the trees function as a drain with their tight branches and roots during hurricanes etc. Protecting the land from being washed away. It was like a geography lesson walking through this wet land.

Another beach we visited on a daily basis was the Endeavour Bay, located only a few minutes from our villa and with the luxury hotel Cotton House located right next to the beach with the Cotton House restaurant on the beach where we had lunch almost every day. The menu was simple but very tasty (and ridiculously expensive!!!) with yummy burgers and homemade fries, fresh salads and lobster dishes. We tried out exotic drinks in the bar and spied on all the rich people aroudn us, spotting familiar faces like Meg Ryan and John Cleese and many model pretty women and looking important business men. A little bit surreal but incredibly fun.

Jay, who grew up in St Croix in the Caribbean, quickly got the kids into snorkeling and exploring the beach life in its full; body surfing, collecting shells, building sand art and just chilling in the shade. I would love to go back to this paradise island one day and enjoy it again. The only thing I can compare it with is the Seychelles, where I actually met Jay 15 years ago now. Maybe I will tell you that story one day as well. It is a really good one.

Next time I'll share some pictures from the people, culture and nature on the island. Stay tuned. More to come.


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  1. Wow! What a stunningly beautiful place and how lovely you were able to visit it for your Christmas vacation. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos. xx

  2. What a wonderful vacation you have had! :-)
    Kærlig hilsen Bella from Denmark

  3. Oh Annette. It looks like heaven on earth. Those colours.

    D and I honeymooned in Barbados (18 years ago *cough*) and it does bring back some wonderful memories.


  4. Hi Annette,
    Beautiful photos as usual you can almost feel the sun beating down on you and hear the waves creeping up the golden sand. Please tell us the story of how you met Jay it sounds like a it may be a good one!!! Looking forward to the next photos.
    Take care
    Hugs Julie x

  5. Thanks for sharing your holiday Annette it looks wonderfully fabulous and can't wait to see more of it x

  6. Such beautiful pictures. What a lovely place to be able to visit. Thank you for sharing them with us. Blessings, Betsy

  7. What a beautiful place! I hope you do decide to share how you met Jay! I love a good love story:)

  8. Heaven! The water is so blue!! I wouldn't want to leave there! And yes! Do tell how you and Jay met!

  9. Beautiful! Hard to leave I'm sure!

  10. Oh my...paradise! Looks stunning :) xxx

  11. Gosh it's all so incredible! I'm sure i spotted George Clooney!! Ps I love to snorkel!

  12. It reminds me of my days in St Croix ... love the pictures xx


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