Monday, February 22, 2016

Spring bulbs, doilies and 15 degrees

Doily from Maaike at CreJJtion's wonderful book Puur Haken.

Sunny Side Up doily from a pattern found at Red Agape Style & Design

It was one of those days. When the sun came out and transformed our whole life. From sitting inside all day Saturday, cuddled up underneath crochet blankets and with woolly socks on watching the rain never stop outside... To going outside and stripping off to bare feet, feeling the silky grass between our toes and the warmth of the sun making us all bubbly inside.

I cleaned out some flower beds, re-planted the few of my Geranium survivors. The kids balanced on our planting beds, played hide and seek, took the swings outside and made me all happy with their bubbly laughter and giggles. Not once did they fight. And then we had Swedish homemade Semlor, Fat Tuesday buns. Yummy!

I crocheted a Sunny Side Up doily from a pattern found at Red Agape Style & Design, which I modified and made a few rows larger and with a different edging. I placed it underneath some blooming bulbs on my window sill, together with another doily I made last spring from Maaike at CreJJtion's wonderful book Puur Haken. I think I'm awakening a doily obsession in me... Instant satisfaction and so much fun.

Last week I finished 36 Maybelle Flower Squares for my Baby Blanket project, and soon after I started to join them with a simple Join-As-You-Go technique. I'm loving how it is coming together.

The kittens are in and out and about at all times. Sleeping in my unmade bed whenever they get the chance. Running wild in nature and disappearing for hours on end. Next week they will get sterilized.

It is February break here and we are going up to the mountains. We are squeezing in a few days of skiing and I'm going to Chatel in the French Alps to meet with Heike from Made With Loops blog and her friend Julie again. Just like last year. I'm sure it will be a day full of yarn talk and bloggy chitter chatter. And I'm bringing Mariana too, from @WinterBeachByMab. You who are on Instagram knows who she is. If not, don't miss out on her feed.

Now I'm turning in my computer for a well deserved detox and clean up. I will be absent for a good week or so. And when I get back I hope my computer will be as good as new as it hardly functioned very well lately.

Happy last February week all. I which you lots of fun hooky time, squishy yarn time, hot cuppas and laughter. I'll keep you posted on my Instagram feed in the days between, until we meet again.

Note: This week I have worked only with my 4ply cotton/acrylic Tilda yarn from Svarta Fåret. Available in my Yarn Shop.


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  1. I love your pictures of spring time happiness. The blue,blue skies. The happy children. Have fun on your little retreat. I look forward to hearing all about it when you return. Your doilies are absolutely beautiful too.
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. Hey Annette,
    What a lovely pictures again. I admire the way you can photograph something (and maybe I admire the place you live hihi). Both Saterday and Sunday were wet here in The Netherlands. The rain kept coming and it is still raining (the whole day long). You really get a Spring feeling when I look at your blog, so Sunny and nice. I love the doily you made, beautiful :-). Have a really nice last Februari week :-).

    Sweet greetings,

  3. In the morning when girls woke up, my cat sleeps in their unmade bed or our! Enjoy your holiday!

  4. Hi Annette,
    Thank you for postng these lovely photos showing the spring truly arriving. I was reading something in a magazine on the weekend that said in january they normally record 33 species of wild flower here in the UK and this year there have been over 600!!! It has been such a mild autumn and winter this year everything is confused, the weather is all over the place, as you have said. Great to see the children enjoying the outdoors and haveing some fun.

    Hugs Julie

  5. So much wonderful colour...have a lovely little break :) xxx

  6. Thank you for posting your happy sunshine family pictures they have certainly cheered up my grey dreary day here. I am just choosing yarn for a new blanket so that helps but it is great to see everyone so carefree. Have a wonderful time away. Look forward to reading about it xx


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