Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My Swedish Scrappy Happy V-stitch Blanket

My Swedish Scrappy Happy V-stitch Blanket oozes Home Sweet Home.

Inspired by this rag rug and others, I choose a very light palette from my stash.

This project has traveled far, here in Mustique, Caribbean before Christmas.

Using scraps of wool, acrylic and mix yarn. Odds and ends - the best kind of crocheting I think.

The Swedish Scrappy Happy V-stitch Blanket in progress on the balcony in Gstaad.
She made a bit of a storm in my Instagram feed showing her beautiful self like this.

I finished my second Scrappy Happy V-stitch Blanket and I'm so pleased with it. It is so Swedish and oozes comfort and softness. I was inspired by a Swedish rag rug I have at home and I wanted to make a Scrappy Happy V-stitch Blanket in the same color theme and style. So, I collected my scraps of wool, acrylic and mix yarn and sorted out the light pastels, lots of white, cream, grey and blue... When making patchwork you call these type of colors low volume colors. They aren't bright. They are pastels and soft colors from the color wheel. I only added a dark navy, berry red, okra, bright dark pink and a couple of teal for contrast.

It helped to study the color order in my rag rug to understand the trick behind a smooth color order without disruptions. I planned in lots of white, cream, grey and light blue following each other in wider patches instead between contrast colors. This way it breaths calm. It is all about the balance. A few times I ripped a row or two back to start over, following my gut feeling on how to get the effect I wanted.

I'm so pleased with this version. I adore the grey and white woven stitch border. It blends in perfectly with the light feel of this blanket. I used mostly acrylic scraps from my stash but also wool, merino wool and wool/synthetic blends. Everything from Sports weight/4ply to light worsted weight/10ply. This project is a GREAT stash buster. I still have lots of scraps to get rid of but I'll find another project for that.

What I love the most is the story in this blanket. It has taken a long time to make as it has been a side project but there is a little bit of Mustique, Christmas, Gstaad, cold winter days, airplane journeys, airport launching, café time, lots of cuppas and TV watching and much more in every other stitch. And cat snuggles, and sick kids snuggles. Can't forget those moments. I find that to be the most fabulous thing when making a slow paced crochet blanket.

Available for purchase here:

Now the question is: Shall I bring the Swedish Scrappy Happy V-stitch Blanket to the Swedish summer house or shall I keep it here? I think it might be hard for me to part from it... I would love to use it here on a daily basis. It is one of my favorites and my best. It sings Home Sweet Home to me.

This project is listed on my project page on RAVELRY.



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  1. I absolutely love the colors! So much home feeling to us Scandinavians :)
    I mught cast on for a blanket like that, to brighten up my New home this summer. I invite you to share at my Link up tomorrow and Thursday.
    Have a Perfect day.

  2. excellent !!!
    Love all your work..regular follower of your blog...I should rather say..I start my day with your blog..
    Thanks for sharing ...
    Love and Hugs..

  3. I love the v-stitch it has such a homely feel to it. I like how you've integrated the light grey and white.

  4. I love your blanket the colors look beautiful. With love Janice

  5. It's a beauty! And a keeper as they say.

  6. Another absolute beauty! I really must make myself one of these, those v's are just beautiful and as you say, work so well in all the scrappy colours.


  7. Wow! I'll be the 3rd Sandra posting here....that's rare. I love your colors and designs. They're colorful but not over the top screaming at you colors. Soothing and muted and the way you combine colors is wonderful! They always seem cozy which is always what I've going for. Thank you fro sharing!

  8. Hi Annette,
    It's a beautiful blanket with beautiful colours. It's bright but not to bright, with enough balance between the colours. I think you're going to miss it once you leave it in the Summerhouse ;-).
    I wish you a happy day.

    Sweet greetings,

  9. Åh vilken härlig pläd, så himla fin blandning av färger. Kan tycka att vissa färger tillsammans nästan blir för gulliga, ändå gillar jag "gulligt", men har blivit lite allergisk mot överdrivet gulliga saker, men dessa färger är underbara! Är den svår att virka? Kanske ska prova. Hittills har jag mest virkat mormorsrutor och lite annat enkelt men det finns ju så mycket fint jag skulle vilja prova.
    Jättemysig blogg du har.
    Hälsningar från Sverige/Nettan

    1. Hej Nettan
      Vad kul med svenskt besök och vad roligt att du gillar min blogg! Om du har virkat mormorsrutor i evigheter så är Scrappy Happy filten en ren fröjd att virka.Inge svår alls. Rand efter rand lägger man till färg efter fär och det är nästan meditativt. Den gr förvånansvärt snabbt att virka faktiskt. Bården kan vara en liten utmaning men egentligen inte alls så svår. Kan man göra fasta maskor, halvstolpar och stolpar så kan man göra denna filt. Mönstret finns på svenska och innehåller bildinstruktioner och diagram så väl som skriven instruktion.
      Tack för besöket!
      Kram från en annan Nettan, fats det var ju typ 20 år sen nån kallade mig det. Ha ha ha!

  10. Beautiful blanket! Love your color choice

  11. I just love this! Reading your puppy post, they are lots of fun, and lots of hard work too, can't he keep coming over for visits and dog sitting too! ;) xxx

  12. Absolutely gorgeous! The color combination has a fairy quality !

  13. it's beautiful! I really love the grey and white, it finishes it off so well!


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