Thursday, March 29, 2018

Last minute Easter crochet

Pattern: Crochet Egg Cups by  Yarn Plaza

Pattern: Flower & Bird Wreath by Petra Herrmann.

Pattern: Easter Egg Cozy by me.

Pattern: Valentine's Sweet Heart by Attic24.

Pattern: Darling Crochet Flower by me.

Pattern: Little Chirpy Chicks by Moji-Moji Design.

Pattern: Baby Bunny by Crochet Objet.
Pattern: Crochet Egg Cosies by Annemariesbreiblog.
Easter really sneaked up on me this year. I'm not prepared. Are you? Maybe it is because today is the last day of school before Easter break and tomorrow it is Good Friday... Oooops!

My Easter traditions are very simple and there has been years when I've totally forgotten about the decorations and all that... It seems like Easter is that type of holiday that ALWAYS sneaks up on me from nowhere. A day or two before Good Friday I realize I want to paint eggs, organize an egg hunt for the kids and prettify my home in pastels and with flowers.

We are going away on a road trip to Provence, France next week so the flower part I've skipped this year. No need to buy spring flowers when going away for 10 days. I'll get to it when I get back. But I will dress some twigs and small branches put in a vase, preferably with feathers. I will take out my Easter Egg Cozy that I made last year in the last minute. And I would love to make some Crochet Egg Cups and Egg Hats, just because they are so darn cute!!! Maybe hook up a Darling Crochet Flower garland and a doily for a daffodils in a pot. Yes, daffodils for sure. Maybe I can find some that already are in full bloom and enjoy them over the weekend just. You know, just to get the feel of it.

However, I am out in the last minute and I don't have that much time, do I? Therefor I surfed the internet this morning for inspiration and patterns and there were SOOOOOO MANY. I've collected a few inspirational pictures and links in this post for those of you who are just like me: "Is Easter tomorrow??? Really??? But I haven't prepared anything." Lets make some Last Minute Easter Crochet, shall we? I guess the bunny will take more than just a couple of hours, but it is so cute I just have to share it anyway. Please share with me on Instagram @myrosevalley. I will share there too.

Happy Easter Crochet Makings!


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