Thursday, November 29, 2018

When the dishwasher broke...

The dishwasher broke down. It just stopped. That is five weeks ago... It took ten days for a repair man to come, and he said we needed a new machine and no repair was made. We waited another two weeks before the installation man came. But he had ordered the wrong machine and the old broken machine still remains in my kitchen... waiting to be replaced. If I'm lucky, I might get a new dishwasher just in time for Christmas. Or not. I'm not sure and I have no longer any expectations.

Washing dishes by hand for a family of five is a big job. Especially when you have only one small sink (no big farmer's kitchen with double sink in our house, no no no...) and a small dishwasher rack big enough for a single girl of 20 something who never eat at home... I have found a routine that contains of multiple sessions daily of washing dishes and emptying the dishwasher rack. It's all about being one step ahead to avoid a Mont Blanc of dirty dishes on the kitchen bench. Bless the kids, they have been helpful. At times. If I ask them. Or force them... But most of the time it is me doing the dishes. I have turned into an organic dishwasher. With very clean and very dry hands... I wish for hand lotion for Christmas,

"Mama, I'll do the dishes."
Emmy Bo announces at dinner.
"Alright, cool." I am happily surprised by this offer. We clear the table together and she tells me to go away because she is doing the dishes.
"Go away Mama. I'm gonna do this."
"Did Papa tell you guys to help me out with dishes while he is in London?" I ask with a twink in my eye as I think this is too good to be true...
"No. I'm doing this all by myself because I WANT to help you." Emmy Bo declares firmly with a big smile and love in her eyes.

YES! I have succeeded as a parent! It's all good! I can retire now! All the hard work of parenting is finally - FINALLY - paying off. It's just GREAT!

Seriously. I feel like Superwoman. And so I retreat to the sofa and pick up my crochet while Emmy Bo takes care of the kitchen and leaves it spotless. That, my friends, is pure parental success right here. Am I proud? Oh yes! Proud of me. Proud of her. Proud of this moment. Maybe it's not that bad to have a broken dishwasher after all...


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  1. My dishwasher is broken, too! I, too, have very clean but dry hands. I've actually been enjoying washing the dishes by hand. Our rack is fairly large and I put dishes to dry on a tea towel as well. Emmy Bo IS special. She is just a good person. Everyone else will catch up . . . some day.

  2. i don't own a dish washer, never have & probably never will either but all my children have dishwashers lol
    good on Emmy Bo for helping, perhaps taking turns with the dishes rather than one doing them all the time; also one can always dry while one is washing & the 3rd can put them away. team work! anything to make it easier.
    thanx for sharing

  3. I come from a very large family (7 boys, 2 girls, plus parents) without a dishwasher. Needless to say clean up after meals took FOREVER if it fell to just one person. My parents came up with a system that seemed to work well. When mealtime was almost over, the kitchen sink would be filled with hot soapy water, then when each child was done eating he/she would wash his/her own plate, glass and utensils. This left only the pots and pans to scrub and we would each take a turn with that chore, rotating at every meal. It really saved quite a bit of time and everyone became well trained in cleaning up after themselves.

    You really do have the most wonderful children! I think the apple does not fall too far from the tree..

  4. What a lovely post, and what a sweet girl. In this house no-one would be offering to help, that's a sure thing. Your work there is done! Wishing you a lovely weekend. CJ xx

  5. Oh yes... mine broke in July, and we just haven't gotten around to ordering a new one! I use the broken one as a drying rack��Hopefully we'll have a new one in time for Christmas...�� God Jul! Hilsen Rigmor, Norsk I USA��������

  6. Wow, you have arrived as a parent! I totally admire your effort.


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