Saturday, May 9, 2020

Blanket Of Hope - Part 3: Circle in square

Happy Saturday! Hope you all are doing okay in your lock downs and maybe even lock down releases. Here in Switzerland we will face exciting (nerve wrecking???) releases of our confinement as of Monday when schools re-open and most shops and small restaurants are opening up again. But let's not talk about that today. I'm so tire of all the Covid19 and lock down talk. Let's focus on the crochet circles and your Blankets Of Hope!

I'm half way through squaring off all my circles at this point. They look amazing and makes me so happy. I have chosen white as a square off color and will then add a colored row after this to join all my squares.

I did some experimenting on adding the square row, adjusting stitches to make them complete square and pretty and such, but found that when I later add the joining row all that perfection doesn't really show anymore, so I'm sticking with simplicity. The squaring off row is a duplicate of a granny square row, the only difference is that it is added to a circle, so this will be easy peasy if you already know how to make a granny square. If your squares will look a little bit wonky when done, don't worry, when the joining row is added they naturally will turn into pretty perfect squares anyway.

I do block my squares over night (no starching or water spraying, just stacking them on top of each other, see pictures above) and that seems to do the trick. I've made a blocking board out of some foam play mats and BBQ skewers. Works perfectly.

As mentioned before, this project is a duplicate of the pattern I used for my Circle In Square Blanket (check it out here). Ok, I'm ready, let's go.


Crochet circles - a blanket of hope
Blanket Of Hope - Part 1: Supplies & Facts

Blanket Of Hope - Part 2: Circle pattern

This pattern is written in UK terms
chain - SWE luftmaska
slip stitch - SWE smygmaska
UK treble - US double crochet - SWE stolpe

NOTE: Chain 3 always counts as first treble.

TIP: If you are a dense crocheter you can add a chain between groups of trebles on Row 1 and Row 2 to loosen up your circle. 

Join new color (white in my case) in the space between treble groups from previous row, preferably a couple of treble groups/clusters away from where you closed your previous row.

Chain 3 (first treble) or make a standing treble as I've chosen to do, make 1 treble in same space (2 trebles in that space). 

In following space we create a corner by making 3 trebles - chain 2 - 3 trebles in same space. 

Continue to work into spaces between treble groups making 3 trebles, 3 trebles, corner: 3 trebles - chain 2 - 3 trebles*. Rep * * twice. 

In last space make 3trebles and finish row with making 1 treble in the starting space and slip stitch into top of your first treble made. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Aren't they pure joy to look at? All those colors and that white framing them. Love them all! Now, next up is to choose that joining color... I had decided on black to make it a classic version but now I'm thinking dark grey... or beige... or brown... or denim... or bubble gum pink? Or sunny yellow... or grass green... Oh my... How will I ever be able to choose!!!!????


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  1. I just finished my years-long project of the Gypsy Blanket. Thank you so much for the pattern, inspiration, and very clear join-as-you-go tutorial. The cats and I are really enjoying the blanket!

  2. It's looking good, Annette! My circles are now also being turned into squares. I'm starting off by making a chest cover at the end of my bed and then I'll see if I want to make it bigger!
    I agree, it is a bit scary with (almost) everything opening up on May 11th. I guess we have to learn to live with this virus, but respect social distancing and I wear a mask if I go food shopping or to the pharmacy.

  3. Bubblegum pink will be v pretty!
    It's a beautiful pattern. Love your blog and so glad you're back. Good luck for the next stage :)

  4. Your squares are looking lovely it's going to be beautiful blanket. Good luck for next week, it's all very scary isn't it. xx

  5. Hi Annette,
    Thank you for sharing your pattern. I love the way your squares are looking. It's going to be a lovely blanket. Good luck with everything. Keep safe, keep healthy.

    Sweet greetings,


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