Saturday, February 27, 2010

Copy Cat...

Call me Miss Copy Cat, my latest WiP just happens to be almost identical to IA Nyckelpiga's latest reveal on her blog. It is so funny because this is not the first time we happen to work on the same type of stuff or with the same type of colours. And we don't really know each other, we never talk to each other... We are blogg buddies! Kinda! (I like having blogg friends - more about that in another post...)

Just a couple of months ago it was the granny square, mine and hers, in identical colours! It is just that IA Nyckelpiga is a bit quicker to finish off her projects, I have a tendency to start a project and leave it lying as I get distracted by a NEW idea... (soooo excited! Got to try it! NOW!) And there you go. Lots of projects waiting for that final touch... Like those grannies. I just got to get the right fabric for the back and - Voila! - my granny pillow cases will be ready in a swisch... or at least maybe before Easter... or summer... or...

However, about my WiP. Or one of them. This is a sneak peak. I am inspired by this fabric which is Nelly's new bedsheets, bought at IKEA. I love the colours and the flower pattern. It makes me happy! So I wanted to make something with flowers. And as I didn't want to be a complete copy cat and do a pillow case just like IA Nyckelpiga's African Flower pillow case, I decided on a flower in a square. 

And do you see? I tried to NOT be a copy cat and here I am - COPY CAT written all over it!Well, not really, with a twist. My square is a couple of rows smaller and all my first circles are white like daisies. And I think my pattern is slightly different... So maybe I am not a copy cat after all...

And to finish this post off, I got some use out of my trial flowers. Glued a few on to this flower arrangement that I will bring over to a friend tonight. Pretty! It's a girl's night tonight... with wine and lots and lots of good food and giggles. I am looking forward to it T H I I I S much.


  1. Vad kul!!
    Det är väl bara sá att vi har samma smak. Och vem vet, det finns kanske nágot annat som binder oss samman :0)
    I vilket fall som helst, mormorsrutor ligger i tiden. ALLA virkar rutor nu. Tom pá modevisningar ser man kläder i dessa rutor. Fortsätt du med dom, jag máste säga att jag är helt besatt!!
    Prova Afican Flower dom är roliga att virka.
    Hoppas att du haft en hárlig kváll med tjejerna!

  2. Kan inte se inlägget om din filt. Är det bara jag? Eller har det blivit nágot fel?

  3. Men man blir ju alltid copycat på nåt vis, det är lite svårt att skapa något som inte skapats förut!!! Jättefint, gillar speciellt blomkrukan med blommorna på (och i)! Nu ska jag gå och väcka Max, annars lär han vara vaken halva natten istället...

  4. Du fár en utmaning av mej om du skulle vilja vara med!

  5. Jag ska till Karlshamn. Det är min hemstad. Bromölla ligger i Skáne, men precis pá gránsen till Blekinge.
    Jag har alltid velat virka i bomull, men det fanns inte sá tjockt som jag ville ha förráns nu, sá jag virkade i bomulls-immitation av acryl. Det nya ár mycket bättre.


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