Tuesday, March 2, 2010

WiP blanket update

Well, I thought that it is about time to have a bit of a WiP Blanket update. I started on this project about a month ago and every day it grows in a slow pace with between 1-5 rows a day, depending on life and all the other projects that keep on interupting my concentration.

I have picked out a few colour combos that I really like. Like this one.

And this one.

It is not easy to randomly pick different colours every row. I start and naaaahhh, unravel, try another one. Not just one time but many. It is more difficult than you think to make it look improvise, especially with so many colours.  IA Nyckelpiga  wrote a bout a great tool she has found on the Internet called the "Random Stripe Generator".  I haven't really tried it out yet but I will. On a smaller project. Maybe for an Easter table decoration or something like that. I didn't have a clue that a tool like that existed. Every day I learn something new... Isn't that great?

And look here at my blanket. Doesn't it start to look all gorgeous and cozy stretched out with its stripes on my clothes line in the wind?  I guess I could make this a blanket with vertical stripes instead my initiial idea of a blanket with horizontal stripes. That way I am almost done! I actually quite like that idea!

I also got a challange from IA Nyckelpiga... I'll get back to that one later this week.



  1. Your blanket looks great! I haven´t seen a whole blanket with this pattern before.
    I like the pick-a-color part. I´m always having the future 2-3 colors in mind :)

  2. Nu kan jag se den. Fantastiskt fin!!
    Hur stor kommer den att bli?, jag funderar ju sjálv pá hur stor min ska bli.


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